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Why Your gut is Killing you

March 06, 2019

                                            Why Your gut is Killing You

Here’s something that you might have never thought about before, but it will surely open your eyes. Did you ever really stop and think about where the real root cause of most all disease stems from? Sure, you can say that elevated blood sugar and insulin levels lead to diabetes. But think a little more beyond the obvious.
What about inflammation and lower back pain and dry skin and cancer and heart disease? These are all pretty heavy-duty conditions that are generally caused from a poor diet and lack of exercise.
However, there is another side of the story that you may be missing out on. What about your ability to digest GOOD nutrients? Perhaps you are lacking in this area and that is the real doer of all evil.

The Negative Impact

There are no two ways around it. All things pertinent in relation to good health start in the gut. Surely you must’ve heard the phrase, “I’ve got a good gut feeling” before. Or perhaps you heard the adverse, “I’ve got a bad gut feeling.”
Either way, you should ALWAYS go with the gut because it is ALWAYS right! As it pertains to food, the gut is far too often on the receiving end of unhealthy fare and beverages. So much, in fact, that the intestinal flora, which is known as the good bacteria, gets mashed to a pulp.
When your good bacteria are off, you end up struggling to digest the good foods that can prevent disease and make you run on all cylinders. Are you starting to see the big picture now?
In particular, foods like white bread, processed baked goods, cakes, cookies, candy, deep-fried onion rings, alcohol and sugar-laden beverages do the most damage. They strip away your good bacteria, leaving your “second brain” to fend for itself to keep you healthy.
It’s a vicious cycle that unfortunately repeats itself time and time again. If you are getting low-nutrient food and are not digesting the good stuff, THEN your risk for the litany of conditions goes way up.

The Shift

This may sound crazy, but everything you should ever need to obtain optimal health can be found through your diet. And to reach this point, you must improve the health of your gut!
One of the easiest ways is to make slow and gradual steps. It’s likely that it took many years to do the damage, so it could take some time to reverse it. But that’s completely fine. Much like there is not a lot holding power with fast weight loss, the same can be said about your gut.
Your best bet is to make slow and steady changes that you can adapt to and that will give your bacteria time to regenerate. The best way to do this is by simply integrating more foods into your diet that are high in enzymes and nutrients.
These would include fresh, organic vegetables like cucumbers, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and the list goes on and on. Berries and other fruits are good inclusions as well.
All of these types of fare are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and they can slowly start getting your gut back in good working order.
Fermented foods are also good options like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh and kombucha. Think of them as steroids for your gut bacteria. They can help colonize it and make it work for you. And they are completely legal and taste pretty doggone good too.
Focus on getting a big salad in your belly every day and you can add a lot of these foods right to it. Then you’ll expedite the process.

Enter Bone Broth

Another good way to reverse the damage that’s been done is by getting a daily dose of bone broth in your system. If you are unfamiliar with this stuff, bone broth is derived from the bones of animals.
They’re simmered in water for many hours and there are often vegetables, garlic and onions added to the blend. The liquid is then extracted and consumed.
What makes bone broth so good for the body is the gelatin that is produced. It is this substance that aids the production of good bacteria in the gut and also allows you to absorb nutrients better. If you are looking to fix your gut health, this is a win-win situation.
In the big picture, the idea of making bone broth from scratch might sound a bit arduous. So in this case, taking in a good bone broth protein powder with gelatin can come in real handy. These powders can easily be mixed into sauces or blended into smoothies at your beckon call.
And aside from the improved gut health that bone broth delivers, you can also experience a better immunity and healthier hair, skin and nails.

Summing it Up

At the end of the day, if you focus on cleaning up your diet, getting a little more activity and adding bone broth to your regimen, you can completely turn things around.
Then you will be less susceptible to disease, have better brain function and feel more energized than you have in a long time. All it takes a little bit of patience, discipline and open-mindedness.

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